Build A Solid Foundation
Starting is often the hardest part, but it is often the most critical. In the next 90 days, we will provide you all the information necessary to build a solid foundation for your business to grow and thrive upon long term.

Our aim is to make sure you not only have all the resources in one convenient place, but to make sure you have an understanding of why you do every step AND to make sure you know how to continue to grow your success once you’ve completed the program.
Step 1: Trade info & get 'IG Hacks' emailed to you!
Abbey Scott
CEO, Social & Sales Strategy Expert
I was a Division 1 athlete and studied Economics in college, before moving to NYC to work on Wall Street. After 2 years in Equity Hedge Fund Sales, I was promoted and moved into the bank’s Oil & Gas business down in Houston, TX to write commodity research for equity investors. During this time, Mike & I started Coffee Over Cardio and after a year of research, I resigned to go full time into our business. Between my sales, economics, finance, and high level research experience, I was able to not only help grow my own business, but begin growing other small business through consulting and digital marketing. I enjoy working with others to help their passions grow, just as I’ve grown mine. And I look forward to working with you.
Mike Crowson
COO, Website Creator & Marketing Director
I have lived from coast to coast trying to learn as much as I can from fitness experts, IFBB Pros and health enthusiasts. I started my own online coaching program in 2012 following college of my Fitness Management degree. I quickly began to teach others how to capitalize and monetize their own dreams. I have high ticket training clients still to the day, but my focus has shifted to help people like you get started and start making a few extra thousand dollars a month from the comfort of your home! Oh and we love Coffee!
How Can This 50 Video Library Help If You're Just Starting Out?
Content Strategy
From quality to the type of content you put on your socials to your site, we teach you specific strategies in how to create, manage, and utilize content to grow your business.
Building Your Clientele
Gaining and maintaining your client list is crucial to building our your business. With this program you will learn how to grow your client list, how to properly maintain your client relationships and how to utilize them for recommendations.
Unique Sales Training
With our sales experience we have simplified the process for you to make sure you give a confident sales pitch that is successful over 80% of the time. And most importantly, it will help you lock down the clients you want to work with.
Phase 1:
1. Intro
2. Business Checklist
3. Developing Your “Why”

*Phase 1 Call With Us*

4. Recurring vs One-Time Sales
5. Shopify Setup
 -Theme & Products
 -Navigation, Pages & Blogs
 -Domain & Facebook Pixel
 -Payment Collection
6. Recurring Setup
7. Apps
8. Know Your Flow
9. Stripe
10. Stripe Payment Collection
11. ClickFunnels
12. Domains, Website
13. More Website info

Phase 2:
1. Business Organization
2. Monday
3. Business Apps
4. Calendars
5. Know Your Customer
6. IG Homework
7. Valuing Your Product
8. Valuing Your Service
9. Sales Strategy 
10. Pre Script
11. Sales Training To High Ticket Sales
12. How To Write A Script

*Phase 2 Call With Us*

Phase 3:
1. Instagram Bio
2. Instagram Feed
3. Content
4. Caption Creation
5. Timing For Captions
6. Engagement
7. Story Creation
8. DM’s Make Money
9. Research

*Phase 3 Call With Us*
Phase 4:
1. Facebook Start Up
2. Facebook Content
3. Reviews
4. Do’s and Dont’s Series
5. Networking Series
6. Pintrest

*Exit Interview*

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What Are You Waiting For?
What Are You Waiting For?
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